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DonorKite is a seamless donation management software for fundraising organizations. Most people will be willing to donate to a cause they believe in, and usually want to contribute regularly whenever possible. So fundraising organizations such as non-profit organizations, religious institutions, and charity organizations should be able to identify such benefactors and make it easy for them to donate with features such as donation acknowledgment, generating instant receipts, and ensuring that each donation or customer engagement is entered into the backend database, so you have the relevant audience for your communication. We also offer Church Donor Management Software, Non-Profit Organization Donor Management Software, and Charity Donor Management Software.

We deliver the complete Software to you with server control, so you maintain complete confidentiality in your information and processes. If customization is required, we are happy to discuss with you how we can help with the same. With the secure database, you can generate detailed reports to share with your donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders for better decision-making capabilities.

DonorKite pricing starts at $35.00 per month with setup cost starts at $650. Checkout the Demo of DonorKite - Donation Management Software at https://www.donorkite.com/

For more information, call us at +13479014918.

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