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Clara Zetkin: Committed women's rights activist

Clara, if she wanted to study, could either leave the country or become a teacher in Germany at so-called teacher training colleges. She chose the latter - do my home work . At the age of 15, she entered Auguste Schmidt's Steybersche Lehrerinnenseminar in Leipzig, where she passed the state examination with distinction in 1878. Auguste Schmidt, together with Luise Otto-Peters and Henriette Goldschmidt, was the founder of the "Allgemeiner Deutscher Frauenverein" (1865) in Leipzig.

"It is a sin not only against woman, but against humanity, against the principle of creation: to thrust woman into servitude and to keep her in it, to want to confine her to the narrow circle of domesticity ..." (Luise Otto-Peters)

Clara already came into contact with socialist ideas here - philosophy homework help , when she attended discussion evenings of the General German Women's Association. At the age of 20, she met the Odessa-born typesetter and revolutionary Ossip Zetkin in a circle of Russian emigrants. In 1878 Clara joined the Socialist Workers' Party (SAP). This led to a break with her family.

From 1878 to 1882 Clara Zetkin worked as a home teacher and educator in Saxony and Austria. However, even then she was conspicuous for her uncompromising attitude - do my economics homework . Her socialist and feminist ideas, which were based on the ideas of Luise Otto-Peters and Auguste Schmidt, but also on Bebel's thoughts, were much more radical than those of the moderate bourgeois women's movement. Otto-Peters had still expressed:

"The participation of women in the interests of the state is not a right but a duty." (Otto-Peters, 1843)

Zetkin sounded a more radical note:

"Those who have written on their banner the liberation of everything that bears the face of man must not condemn a whole half of the human race to political and social slavery through economic dependence. As the worker is subjugated by the capitalist, so woman is subjugated by man; and she will remain subjugated as long as she is not economically independent. The indispensable condition for this economic independence is work. If we want to make women free human beings, equal members of society like men, well, we need neither abolish nor restrict women's work, except in certain quite exceptional cases." (from the speech at the International Labour Congress in Paris 1889)


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