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How Are You Supposed to Change TurboTax Account Password? (general)

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4 months ago

Changing the password for your TurboTax account requires you to get a shot at following a few steps. But one way or the other, users find difficulties in figuring out how to change TurboTax account password. It may be due to the lack of information that you have for TurboTax. 

If you can’t get into figuring out how to change TurboTax account password, you should start following the step down below. 

Steps to Change TurboTax Account Password Quickly

Step 1: Before you go for changing the password for your TurboTax account, you must first ensure that the internet connection you currently have is proper. 
Step 2: Visit the official Intuit web page from any of the browsers. 
Step 3: Find “Sign-in & Security,” and under it, select the “Edit” option next to either User ID or Password. 
Step 4: Provide the new details in the required field, along with existing password. While entering the existing password, you should ensure it strong and unique so that no one would ever guess it easily. 
Step 5: If you don’t remember the password, you can recover it to get a new password. 
Step 6: On account of recovering the TurboTax account password, you may be needed to get proceed with a request; it includes the proof of your identity, a clear, non-expired digital copy of State/Federal ID with address or Driving License. 
Step 7: Fill in all the required spaces and submit for the account recovery. 

This is how you can figure out how to change TurboTax account password and recover your account if you haven’t remembered the existing password. 

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