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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes And Treatment (general)

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9 months ago
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Erectile dysfunction is among the most prevalent sexual issues for males. It is estimated that around 3.5 million men are affected by the issue in Poland however only 240,000 of them are treated. The reason for this is the fragility of the issue and can lower your self-esteem. This condition can lead to an unsatisfactory sexual experience and can lead to complications and a loss of confidence in yourself. Because of this, men frequently seek out Erection pills that are available from pharmacies by prescription or in the form of a prescription. These pills, however, do not always produce the desired results.
It is therefore essential to determine the cause of difficulties with erections and then determine an most effective, safe treatment. What exactly is erectile dysfunction? What are the reasons why I can't have an entire erection? How can I combat the issue of erectile dysfunction?

What Is Mal Eerectile Diessfunction?

As per the WHO definition according to the WHO definition, disfunction (ED for impotency in brief) is a common issue in the ability to maintain and achieve an erection in sexual situations. The result of difficulties in maintaining an erection is it is difficult to achieve an orgasm. This condition is most often seen in older men, but that does not mean that issues with erection do not occur in younger males. As for the definition of impotency, the problem of the lack or inability to get a full erection and erection is characterized in the minimum of 25% of the sexual assaults. Impotency was previously referred to as impotence. However, due to the negative tone and the inevitability of the situation, the word is no longer utilized. Impotency is a crucial term, and should not be confused with weakening or temporary loss of power during sexual relations that occurs as we the passage of time. For older men the erections might not appear as often, and men might be able to orgasm less frequently. This doesn't necessarily mean men have erectile dysfunction however, it could indicate a change in the speed of intimacy.

The Root Causes Of Dysfunction

It's difficult to determine the root of issues with the appearance and the maintenance on an erection. They can be irreparable or reversible. But the primary reason for infertility among young men is due to psychological reasons that are often linked to complexes, fear of your children or difficulties with a relationship that is too intense. However, one of the major factors in the appearance of erection difficulties is an unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking, smoking physical inactivity, stress or excessive work can be a problem for men of all ages. Sleep disorders, such in snoring, intermittent breathing and breath patterns, may cause difficulties in maintaining and getting an erection.

Furthermore, taking certain drugs that are depressants in particular, can result in a decrease in libido as well as issues with erections. It's also important to figure out that the root cause of the problem could also be a result of atherosclerosis (blockage of arteries that provide blood supply to the male organ) as well as diabetes or hypertension. In the majority of people who are over 40years old, ED has been linked with cardiovascular diseases.

This is why problems with erection should not be considered as a disease , but rather the sign of a disease, e.g., ischemic cardiovascular disease. It is also important to note that testosterone levels decline with age, which leads to difficulties with erection. It is important to note that in almost half of those over the age of 40 the male erectile dysfunction is associated with cardiovascular conditions. Because of this, issues that cause erections shouldn't be considered as a disease , but rather as a signpost of a health issue, e.g., ischemic cardiopathy. It is also important to note that testosterone levels decrease as you age, which can cause difficulties with erection. In addition, in nearly half of those over the age of 40 the male erectile dysfunction is connected to heart disease. This is why problems that cause erections shouldn't be treated as a condition, but rather as a sign of a medical condition, e.g., ischemic cardiopathy. It's important to remember that as you age, your testosterone levels drop and can cause problems with erection.

The Treatment Of The Disfunction

The most important aspect of treating dysfunction is finding out the causes. Understanding the causes for sexual "disability" allows for the implementation of correct procedures, instigating modifications to the way of living, and eliminating the risk factors, both metabolic and cardiological that increase the risk of the issues of the potency. It is therefore necessary to determine if the root cause behind the condition is reversible. Possible causes include psychogenic issues (mental disorders, e.g., blockages or complexes) and injuries to the blood supply vessels to the female organs during the erection in addition to diseases that decrease testosterone levels. In these instances, appropriately administered psychotherapy, which is vital for people suffering from psychogenic etiology,

Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by cardiogenesis or neurogenic, which could be irreparable causes. In these cases treatment involves the use of appropriate medication, i.e. making use of drugs that can enhance sexual performance. The first-line medications include phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors that facilitate circulation of blood towards the male organ that is responsible for filling the cavernous body and, consequently producing an erection. Necks like Caverta 100 and Caverta.) It is essential to know that the improvement in sexual activity due to the use of these drugs can be seen within 12 - 24 weeks after using these drugs. If these medications are employed on an ad-hoc basis or on a daily basis, dosages are less. First-generation inhibitors have a brief duration of effect of as long as six hours and second-generation inhibitors need to be identified here, demonstrating prolonged time of action. It is worth noting that they shouldn't be used when a patient is taking the nitrates (nitrates) simultaneously at the at the same time, since death could occur due to interactions between drugs. This is why the use of these drugs must be supervised anytime by a doctor following having an in-depth analysis.

A possible alternative to oral pharmacotherapy is the use of devices that use vacuums in where the main male organ is put in a specific position. A vacuum is created around the male organ using a specific pump and piston. These devices trigger the blood to flow passively to the cavernous organs that are located in the male organ. They also result in an erection. This is secured by a hoop, which is slid into the lower part inside the organ's primary male.


Erectile dysfunction can also be treated using intraurethral gels or penile injections (MUSE Method). These are referred to as second-line medications. This type of administration increases in cavernous organs of the male organ as well as the formation of an erection. The drugs used for this procedure are papaverine and alprostadil. Natural remedies may have positive results, however they must be used for a long period of time.


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